Proyectos científicos Fondecyt de miembros AChP en curso:

  • Interpretaciones geoarqueológicas en el contexto de la variabilidad microambiental del sitio Pilauco, Pleistoceno tardío, Osorno, Chile. Investigador principal: Mario Pino Quivira. Fondecyt regular 1150738

  • Leaf traits from Cenozoic to present climate; are there common relationships?, Investigador principal: Luis Felipe Hinojosa Opazo, Fondecyt regular 1150690

  • Long-term quantitative high-resolution climate reconstructions in southern South America. Investigador principal: Ana Abarzúa Vásquez, Fondecyt iniciación 11140677

  • Miocene marine diversity along the coast of central to southern Chile across multiple taxa. Investigador principal: Sven Nielsen, Fondecyt regular 1150664

  • New data sources on the developmental evolution of the wrist and ankle bones of amniotes. Investigador Principal: Alexander Vargas. Fondecyt regular 1150906

  • Paleogeographic patterns v/s climate change in South America and the Antarctic Peninsula during the latest Cretaceous: a possible explanation for the origin of the Austral biota?. Investigador principal: Marcelo Leppe Cartes. Fondecyt regular 1151389

  • Skeletal morpho-function of Caragua’s Miocene Fauna. Investigador principal: Karen Moreno Fuentealba. Fondecyt regular 1150879.

  • Species interactions in mollusk assemblages across geographic and evolutionary scales” Investigador Principal Marcelo Rivadeneira Valenzuela. Fondecyt regular 1140841

  • Global warming or cooling during the Jurassic – Cretaceous transition. Investigador principal: Christian Salazar Soto. Fondecyt iniciación 1140176

  • Marine Radiocarbon Reservoir Effects From Holocene Archaeological Shell Middens As A Proxy For Past Coastal Upwelling In Northern Chile: Local Or Regional?, Investigador principal: Claudio Latorre Hidalgo. Fondecyt regular 1150763

  • Paleo (Vegetation + climate + fire + explosive volcanism) in the Golfo Corcovado sector of northwestern Patagonia (44°S) during and since the Last Glacial Terminationy Investigador principal: Patricio Moreno Moncada. Fondecyt regular 1151469